Media & Stage Appearances of Chuck Williams

All of my media, podcast appearances, hosted shows, & stage talks in chronological order wherein I share my thoughts & perspectives on cryptocurrency, economy, freedom, the practice of software development, hobby psychology, love, spirituality, and lots more.

Digital Cash Rundown 77 with Chuck Williams: THORChain Fears Privacy Crackdown, ETH Merge Bearish?

The irreplaceable Chuck Williams comes on the podcast for the first episode of the relaunch of the Digital Cash Rundown! We spend the majority talking about THORChain and it's cold feet in integrating privacy-centric assets in the wake of the TornadoCash sanctions and arrest. We also go into the Ethereum merge and some potential bearish signals or other vulnerabilities/drawbacks. And, of course, we run our first-ever NFT-powered superchats!

Digital Cash Rundown 74 with Chuck Williams: Terra 2.0 Launches, Kraken Says Altcoins "Pay the Bills"

The incomparable Chuck Williams of Flote comes back on the Digital Cash Rundown to talk all things crypto, including of course the Terra 2.0 launch/relaunch, and what value proposition remains after the death of its stablecoin offering, UST. We also go into the crypto bear market causing layoffs from many major companies, as well as Kraken stating the obvious to Bitcoin purists that altcoin trading is what actually pays the bills. Finally we touch on Japan finally leading the way in regulating stablecoins.

Ernest interviews David Rodriguez and Chuck Williams

David Rodriguez (Homeschool Leader, Valor Academy, Santa Cruz Voluntaryists, Freedom Lovers Show) - Chuck Williams (Chief Experience Officer - Flote) - LIVE from FloteFest 2022 - on the POWER OF LOVE

Digital Cash Rundown 58 with Chuck Williams: Ethereum 2.0 Altair, DashDirect Release & More!

The incomparable Chuck Williams, Chief Experience Officer at Flote (which is launching its own NFTs soon), comes on the Digital Cash Rundown to talk about all things crypto, including of course a great NFT discussion, followed by the Ethereum 2.0 Altair upgrade, one moment closer to the full ETH 2.0 release, and its prospects at reaching the top of the crypto rankings. We also talked about the Canadian trucker convoy and the seizure of its GoFundMe donations, and how cryptocurrencies can fix that. Finally, we talk about the DashDirect release of the virtual MasterCard in the public beta form, which lets anyone spend Dash anywhere in the US privately and with no custody.

Digital Cash Rundown 48 with Chuck Williams: Crypto Crash, Miners Not Profitable & More!

Chuck Williams comes back on the Digital Cash Rundown to talk about all the latest crypto headlines, including of course the notorious crypto crash we're in, but mainly pushback from officials on crypto's ability to skirt sanctions, as well as tax revenue, for example from miners in Kazakhstan. But mainly we go into a deep dive into how cities and governments can tokenize, and do things such as sell governance tokens and NFTs instead of imposing taxation.

Digital Cash Rundown 42 with Chuck Williams: ETH Pool Suspends Operations, THORChain is Back & More!

Chief Experience Officer for Flote Chuck Williams comes on the Digital Cash Rundown to talk all things new with crypto, including of course the THORChain re-activation after months of downtime due to several significant hacks. We also go over the second-largest Ethereum mining pool suspending operations due to China's ongoing crypto crackdown, and what that will mean for the ecosystem. Finally we go deep into the shifting geopolitics thanks to crypto, as well as how governments around the world are struggling to keep up with the way the world is going, and how future systems will end up radically different from what they are today.

Digital Cash Rundown 34 with Chuck Williams: Crypto Infrastructure Bill, Monero Lead Arrested and More!

Chief Experience Officer of Flote, Chuck Williams, comes on the Digital Cash Rundown to rant about all the crazy stuff going on in the crypto world today, including Venezuela issuing another central bank digital currency (CBDC), including cutting off six zeroes from the supply. But we spend most of the time talking about the new US infrastructure bill, and the proposed regulations on cryptocurrency, which could completely hamper the industry in the US if passed. Finally, we dropped the giant Monero and Fluffy Pony bombshell over his arrest, and a possible dangerous honeypot in the form of the MyMonero wallet and infrastructure. A must-listen for sure!

Digital Cash Rundown 25 with Chuck Williams: Musk Madness, SEC Regulating Exchanges and More!

The one and only Chuck Williams comes back on the podcast to talk the latest crypto happenings! In this installment we go deep into regulation, not just the SEC seeking to regulate crypto exchanges, but on the long-term game plan of regulators as they face a world which is slowly slipping from their fingers. We go into Elon Musk and the Bitcoin energy expenditure conundrum, as well as its origins in the struggles of geopolitics. We also go way deep down the rabbit hole on what to expect from humanity over the next decade as a new cycle begins.

Digital Cash Rundown 16 with Chuck Williams: NFTs, Real Estate, Flote, and Dash!

The incomparable Chuck Williams, Chief Experience Officer at Flote, comes on the Rundown to talk the latest happening in crypto, including the NFT revolution taking the world by storm, and inadequacies inherent in the current NFT setups. We also talk the tokenization of real estate, how it can truly revolutionize the world, and the barriers it needs to overcome before we get to mass adoption. Finally, we talk the latest happenings with Dash, and the Flote roadmap.

An Interview with The Crypto Show - Danny and Chuck

Host Brian Davis interviews Chuck Williams and Danny 'Something' from The Crypto Show - along with a special guest. Topics range from how the show has changed over time - to how the discussion about cryptocurrencies has changed as well. This is the first in a continuing series of interviews with members of the crypto and Dash communities. The Crypto Show YouTube Channel -

Billion Dollar Secret Interviews Chuck Williams, Tech Lead at DASH

DASH is a cryptocurrency with some unique functions. In an interview in Acapulco, Mexico, Chuck Williams, the UI/UX tech lead of Dash Network explains some of its features and recent developments. There is also a contest and real money to win at the end of the video.

DASH-ing to FREEDOM - Chuck Williams - Anarchapulco 2018

Here I share a version of my story of coming to an understanding of freedom, interwoven with a technical discussion of the Dash "Evolution" platform. v0.13 was just released in the past few weeks, which is still in alignment with all the technical details discussed in this talk.

Tijo of The Arcane Bear Discusses The Dash Tribe with Chuck Williams

After our chats with Chuck Dash has been added as one of our favourite new tokens and ideas. When we see this type of empathic behaviour its inspiring to see where we could go if we are all a little more connected to nature and our emotions. From the future of technology, blockchain and money to our thoughts on the nature of consciousness, it was great to have such a well rounded improv conversation with this wonderful soul.

Jeff Berwick of The Anarchast Interviews Chuck Williams on Dash, Cryptocurrencies and Anarchy

Jeff interviews Dash developer, Chuck Williams. Topics include: change without force, the Dash cryptocurrency, bringing a good experience to end users, the Dash incentive system and master node voting process, Dash Copay wallet, the Evolution platform, payment pay name, instant send transactions and scalability, purchasing Dash, Cryptopulco at Anarchapulco 2018